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The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated and industrialized countries in the world. Home to many international institutions and multinationals, it has an excellent infrastructure of knowledge and places of interest are just a short distance apart. This makes the Netherlands the perfect place to organize a corporate event or business tour.

The Hague Events enables you to get closer. We are specialized in event management of high-level conferences and seminars, corporate events and business tours, with specific themes. We introduce you to the multifaceted diversity of the Netherlands: home to a lot of innovative companies; meet inspiring entrepreneurs; expand your views and invite your colleagues and business associates to do the same. From our offices in the enterprising city of The Hague, we organize specially tailored events and tours with engaging and compelling content for clients from all over the world. We are, as a Destination Management Company (DMC), specialized in the organization and logistics of meetings and events for two decades now. Welcome to our metropolis. Welcome to The Hague Events.


Corporate Events

A corporate event is not a target on itself, but a way of communicating your business strategy to employees, stakeholders and business associates, so everyone is pulling in the same direction. The Hague Events will ensure you that your corporate identity and core business shine through in an impressive way.

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Congres - seminars

Conferences & seminars

All aspects of a business conference or seminar revolve around the delivery of a message. That is why The Hague Events makes the content of your conference the primary consideration. We identify a suitable venue, transform it into an inspiring conference centre and ensure that everything runs smoothly. We are also able to design the content of the program on request.

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Business Tour vervoer-1

Business Tours

Organizing business tours is an excellent way of exploring and gaining valuable knowledge and experience of a particular theme, which can be translated into lucrative inspiration for your company. The Hague Events offers a range of business tours that focus on different themes, with the Netherlands serving as a source of inspiration.

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'An event is not a target itself, it's a way of conveying your message in order to inspire and motivate.'

See how.

A selection of our most popular Business Tours:


The heart of horticulture

Westland, a region near The Hague, is known for its horticulture. Despite small-scale production, the horticultural expertise in the area has garnered global recognition. The world's most extensive greenhouse-area is home to Flora Holland, the largest flower auction on the planet, and many other innovative horticulture companies. This business tour will take you to see the highlights of this country's innovative horticulture industry. A business trip with a story.

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Duurzame kas-2

Investing in the greenhouse horticulture

Westland, a region near The Hague, is known for it's horticulture. Despite the small-scale production, the horticultural expertise in the area has garnered global recognition. The Netherlands is leading when it comes to the most innovative horticultural techniques and expertise. Do you want to invest in the agricultural sector? A visit to the specialists of Westland will open doors for you!

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Maeslantkering KOP-4

Ambitious Dutch Water Works

A quarter of the land mass of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Yet the Dutch excel at keeping their feet dry, providing an adequate supply of clean drinking water and maintaining an excellent inland waterway system. One of the ways they achieve this is by working with the forces of nature. During this business tour you will be taken to see several innovative water infrastructure systems in the region of The Hague and Westland.

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