7 tips to avoid the Expense Allowance Scheme

Do you want to organize an event, but save up on unneccesary costs? We will give you 7 tips on how to do that. 

  1. Organize your event at your own company.
    Done this way, fun events will be excluded from the scheme. We just happen to be expert in this field: we convert your company into a wonderful venue. Or we provide your parking lot with a big party tent to host a festival for your employees. This way you meet the rules of the EAS.
  1. A business trip with an educational, mostly business, substantively or training grade character that is focused on bettering skills, is excluded from the scheme.
    The Hague Events offers you a diversity of solutions with substantive business tours. How about the business tour ‘The heart of horticulture?’ Get inspired on our website!
  1. Ensure proper support on why your event does not belong to the so-called fun events of why team building or a study day has an mostly business character. For example, provide for a program and mark the course part. In short, explain what the goal is and how this is going to be reached. You can also let our communications advisors do this for you.
  1. Take a close look at the exemptions. Transfer and consumptions during a staff party are items that get a targeted exemption. An artist or trip do fall in between 1,2%. When an artist is demonstrable part of a study day, this item may also be seen as an exemption. You can always ask for our advice on this one.
  1. An event for your relations is excluded from the scheme. This has a business character with bonding as a main goal, after all. This also counts when you send a delegation along with your employees. Maybe it’s about time to invest in your clients again?
  1. Let your substantiated plans get tested beforehand by your tax inspector. This prevents you from unexpected surprises. Of course The Hague Events can help you write a foundation beside composing a tailored event for you.
  1. Corporate event, company opening, team building, relations day, course or training, a trip through the staff fund, product launch or network event. Don’t you know where to start? Hire an expert to let you get informed and advised.

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