8 tips for healthier meetings and networking

Need energy during meetings or networking? That is in the past after reading these 8 tips!

1. Brain food
Brain food promotes concentration, alertness and the memory. This will come in handy during a long meeting, networking or a multi-day conference, in which case some extra energy won’t be an unnecessary luxury. The best food to fuel your brain? Green leafy vegetables like spinach, raw chocolate, nuts and seeds. Herring, mackerel and trout are also really good choices. These fish species contain good fats and Omega-3, which counteracts the breakdown of brain cells and stimulates the creation of new cells and serotonin, which is known for promoting your mood!

2. Water
Make sure there is enough water on the meeting or networking table. Water is the most ideal drink to thwart thirst. There is nothing wrong with a cup of coffee or a delightful cappuccino, but mostly we already drink a few of these a day. Coffee can, however, have a positive effect on functioning, but a surplus of caffeine won’t do good for anybody. Always serve water on the meeting table or at a network meeting. Many hotels and conferences centres serve luxury bottles of mineral water, but a can of tap water will also do the trick and is more environment friendly.

3. Shared dining – biological and sustainable lunching
The phenomenon ‘shared dining’ appears again anno 2017. Instead of an extensive buffet, of which more than half mostly remains on the table, choose for a plated lunch of different, small and light dishes in tapas style. This is sustainable and more intimate and sociable. To be completely environmental friendly, you can choose for plates and cutlery made of sustainable material.

4. Less meat, more vegetables
A veggie lifestyle is being respected by more and more people. Some people sometimes choose to skip meat for just a day. Because of this, there are so many vegetarian choices nowadays. At many restaurants vegetables even play a leading role. There are many veggie-options, which makes sure that you won’t even miss a piece of meat on your plate. Beside, green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are great for keeping track of your iron content and are packed with vitamins.

5. Healthy snacking is boring? How about no!
Do you recognize that feeling of being in a meeting or networking and suddenly get overrun by yawning and you can barely keep your eyes open? This is your blood sugar level screaming for sugar. Instead of opening up a can of coke, choose for a healthy food bar, some nuts, raw chocolate or a banana. These snacks are packed with healthy nutrients and promote your mood.

6. Surprising fruit
A fruit basket filled with apples and bananas are mostly found on any location. Tasteful, but not very surprising. There are many exotic fruits, like a pomegranate or dragon fruit, which not only taste delicious, but look fantastic, too. Make sure there is enough fruit on the networking or meeting table.

7. Move!
Sitting still can be stressful for your body. To prevent this, you can intercalate a moving break regularly to loosen up your muscles and promote your concentration. Got a long meeting, networking session or brainstorm planned? Do this during a walk or a short yoga session or some meditation exercises. This promotes creativity and the group atmosphere.

8. Standing meetings or networking: more effective and healthier
An investigation indicates that standing meetings are 34% faster. Beside, the upper leg muscles are used during standing, which makes it healthier. Do we need to say more? Our brain has trouble to stay productive when the body isn’t being active. While sitting, one tends to doze off or quickly check the mail. Choose more often for standing meetings or networking sessions and save time!