A memorable and official opening, let’s go for that!

The last actions are being taken to build your new business premises right before the completion. The last moving boxes are getting unpacked and your employees are eager to move to the new building. It’s time for the official opening!

The Hague Events has over 20 years of experience in organizing opening events like a business opening. How can you make sure your official opening turns into a success? We will give you some tips.

Your own building as event location!
An official opening of your building needs to take place in or near the new business premises. In most cases the new building is perfectly suitable to serve as event location. The warehouse or maybe the canteen can be completely turned into a stylish venue. Moreover, it is cost-effective to organize festivities for your employees or relations in your own business premises! We would love to help you turning your building into a complete venue where your guests will be surprised, joyed, spoiled and entertained.  

U only have one chance
Just like many other events, you only get one shot at doing it right. That’s why a well prepared plan is a must! You might want to think about an eventual opening act. It often works well to let a well-known person perform this act. Please note that this person needs to fit the characteristics of your target audience. It’s important that a famous person to perform the opening act is secured early in the process, because they often have a busy schedule.

It’s all about the experience
You won’t get away with just cutting a ribbon these days. Do you want to surprise your guests by delivering them an unforgettable day? Make sure you can offer a complete experience from the beginning until the end. A really impactful opening or closing act are good ways to do this. Try to appeal as much senses as possible. It’s all about the experience!

Create a concept
A themed event will always be remembered better than an event without a theme. This also goes for business openings. Therefore, turn your opening event into a concept. Practice this concept already at the moment you send the invitations through the communications of the event. The visitors have to be stimulated to be looking forward to your official opening. The interior of the building and the opening act will all be parts of the created concept. This way you create an experience your guests will never forget.