Did you know this about The Netherlands...?

This is where you find some interesting facts about The Netherlands you wouldn't want to miss!

  • The Netherlands has over 80 restaurants that has one or more Michelin stars?
  • The Netherlands has the highest concentration of museums per square meter?
  • Dutch people are the longest humans on earth (men: 183,2 m & women: 170,6 m)?
  • Since 1901 sixteen Dutch people received the Nobel Prize?
  • Soccer is the national Dutch sport?
  • Women football is the fastest growing sport at this moment?
  • The Netherlands has the highest bicycle density in the world? 84% of the Dutch people has one or more bikes
  • Dutch people are really economical. Eight out of ten households saves up. The total savings of all Dutch people together amounts to around 187 billion euros.
  • The wadden island Terschelling is the biggest municipality of The Netherlands when it comes to surface? 71.298 km² against, Rozenburg, the smallest municipality which has a surface of 6,5 km².
  • Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel is the lowest located municipalty? It is located 6,76 meters under Normal Amsterdam Level.
  • Amsterdam is the biggest municipality with over 838.000 inhabitants?      
  • Vaals is the highest located municipality? It is located 322,5 meters above National Amsterdam Level and it also forms the Triple Point with Germany and Belgium.
  • Sinterklaas (5th of December) is the number one tradition of The Netherlands?
  • Nowhere in the world people eat as much liquorice (32 million kilos a year on average) as in The Netherlands?      
  • 26% of The Netherlands is located below sea level?
  • 3% of the Netherlands is national park?
  • Everyone in The Netherlands who is older than 14 years old needs to carry an original and valid identification with him?
  • Tourism accounts for a whopping 3% of the Gross domestic product (GDP)?
  • The Frisian-Dutch black and white spotted cow feels at home in the green, flat polder landscape?
  • The Netherlands counts over 1,74 million cows. This provides them with 14,3 kilos of milk.
  • Dutch people eat around 14,3 kilos of cheese a year?
  • The Netherlands counts 1048 wind mills and 108 water mills?
  • The mills in The Netherlands are symbolic for the centuries-long battle with the water?
  • Cheese is a perfect export product with 500 million kilos a year?
  • Many Dutch people eat raw herring with onions out of their hands?  

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