Guidelines for Event Planning 6.0: Contingency Plan - What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Last but not least: in this blog we tell you about the importance of making a risk analysis to make sure nothing can possibly go wrong on the day of your event. 

  1. Imagine the event and make a risk analysis based on what you think can possibly happen.
    Be prepared for the unexpected. Maybe the sound system fails. Maybe your keynote presenter bails. What are you going to do about it when those things happens? You probably overlook certain important things. It is wise to hire an expert that knows all about this aspect. 

  2. Be ready to lend a hand to fill any gaps.
    Although planning ahead is a great formula for success, it is never enough. Something unexpected always comes up. Thus, it pays to put in a little extra elbow grease for extenuating circumstances. This applies to catering arrangements, printing requirements, guest accommodations, weather forecasts, entertainment and more. For this scenario, too, it wouldn't be an unnessecary luxury to hire experts. They know what to do whenever something unexpected happens.

Hopefully you can work with these guidelines to organize your own event.
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