Guidelines for organizing a classy gala night

The organization for a gala needs the right knowledge, experience and attention. This type of event needs finesse to turn into an unforgettable night. In particular when it comes to the holidays, the following question rises: what things should I consider during the organization of a gala night? Some guidelines:

A gala night consists of a set completion: a dinner or dinner dance. This will not say a creative concept can't be created. An occasion, company branding or the target group can serve as parenthesis to work out a concept into detail: from colors to menu-interpretation to entertainment and the invitation process.

Gala location 
For your gala night a suitable location is important. It's all about atmosphere and experience, but even more important is the capacity of the location. With a bigger amount of guests you should consider the fact that you can only contact a limited selection of locations. That's why we would love to help you make a selection of suitable locations for your event. We can turn a bare warehouse or shed into an unrecognizable, attractive location. 

De division of the location is, just like it is with any other event, determinative. At a gala diner, it is accustomed that round tables for around 8 to 10 people are used. Furthermore, you need to consider a stage and eventually a dance floor. The capacity and division of the location complement each other. You should also consider what entertainment you would like to have performing at the event. What are the possibilities? Can the guests enjoy the entertainment, despite their place in the hall? 

It is no surprise that catering during an event needs to be composed by a suitable supplier. Quality is all that matters. Everything should be prepared  freshly and on location by professional chefs. Matching wines will take the night to a culinary peak.

The concept of the gala is practiced through the whole night, the entertainment also. The target group is the starting point. Who doesn't want to be surprised? An amazing orchestra, a saxophonist flying through the area or an opera-act: a gala-night allows the entertainment to be impressive, chic, classy (and a little bit 'over the top'). 

The communication is a trigger for a higher attendance. The concept is practiced in the attendance increasing process of invitation, even as the communications expressions as to the table layout and menu. Moreover, the guests will be welcomed by a professional photographer. In the end everyone will receive their photo, completely in style, as a gift of memory.

Details and quality make the difference
Either if it comes to parking, experienced employees, chic decoration or charismatic hostesses: details and quality make the difference and will guarantee that your guests will be taken care of very well.

Need help organizing your own gala? We would be glad to assist you in this process!