How do you organize the perfect corporate client event?

Customer relationship management is a very important part of the communication and sales inside an organization. How do you develop sustainable customer relationships? How do you increase customer satisfaction? And how do you create potential leads?

It seems obvious, but you have to study your target group. The customer is your key target, but what moves him? What are his motives? And what are his wishes and requirements? 

Think about how a corporate client event supports your business goals or how a concrete message/campaign this should support. The Hague Events would like to give you an interpretation that supports both these business goals and the aims of the target group. The concept starts from the start of the communication until the event, on the day itself and after, this in order to maximize the effect.

Below you can find 5 tips for an exciting and creative interpretation of your corporate client event:

  1. Organize a special tailored Business Tour
    A Business Tour is not a goal itself, it is a way to discover. You have to discover valuable knowledge and experiences between a certain theme, so that it pays out in valuable inspiration. The Hague Events offers you various Business Tours inside and outside The Hague, these tours have different themes. Visit innovative companys from other branches in combination with places of interest.
  1. Relate to an existing event
    A business event can perfectly match with an existing event. Use this in your benefit. Think about the World Harbour Day or Sail Amsterdam. Or think about a sport event like a footballmatch of the Dutch national football team or the ABN AMRO tennis tournament.  You have to think about your goals you want to achieve during the event and whether it strenghtens the further implementation of the program.
  1. Leave an impression with a Masterclass
    In consultation with you, we could realize a workshop or Masterclass with interesting speakers. Quality and content are very important, but even more important is that the guest speaker perfectly fits to the purpose of the day. A surprising interpretation makes all the difference. For example, a topic about lifestyle, enterprise, or sport, on a fascinating and inspiring way to connect your message.
  1. Find a charming and inspiring location
    With your own special day at your own company, you could connect the guests with your company. The Hague Events is an expert in the field of event management and we could change any location into an inspiring event venue. Do you prefer an extern event location? No problem! We will suggest suitable event locations which will match perfectly with the concept of your corporate client event!
  1. Integrate communication during the event.
    You get more out of your corporate client event when you maximize your intern communication. This can be done in several ways. You could use a microwebsite that is especially developed for the corporate client event or an interactive presentation through a mobile app. Make sure you create interaction between you and your clients. After the corporate client event you could make a follow up on a few diverent ways. For example, make a (video) report or a digital presentation of the day to share afterwards!

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