The Hague
Why you should visit The Hague if you’re an art lover

The Hague city centre is about 10 minutes from The Hague Central Station. En route, you will pass the white city Hall, The Hague Binnenhof (home to the Dutch parliament) and the Mauritshuis art gallery. You will also find the main shopping area of The Hague there. To the north of the shopping area, Noordeinde Palace, the offices of the royalty family, can be found.

What to include in your visit?
The Hague has very much to offer to art lovers as they stroll around the city. One of the best Art Nouveau houses can be found in the city. It is private, so you can’t go in, but you should definitely not miss the cat-shaped letterbox. You can also buy a self-guided walking tour ‘Art Nouveau in The Hague’ at the tourist office for a small price. For an unconventional experience, try Escher in The Palace at Lange Voorhout. This is a permanent exhibition of mind-expanding works by early 20th century artist MC Escher.

If you’re interested in seeing a one-time private collection of quality Dutch paintings, silverwork and porcelain, visit The Museum Bredius and finish up at the Mauritshuis to set eyes on a world-class collection of Dutch Golden Age paintings, including Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring.

Window Shopping
At the Hofkwartier, one of the oldest parts of the city, you can find the most fancy place for shopping and drinking. Concept stores with in-house cafes are a real trend in The Netherlands at the moment. You can find shops that sell little-known fashion brands, artworks, books and accessories and on the other hand you’ll find vintage stores with an ethical outlook and big brands.

The Hague by night
A variety of pubs can be found in the city. Visit Huppel the Pub, a traditional Dutch pub with smoke-stained, dark wood interior. This pub is famous for stocking 150 types of single malt whiskey. It also has rotating taps and the accompanying rock music’s pretty good, too!

The Hague has a very efficient public transport system, that will take you beyond the city centre. This system can take you to the seaside of Scheveningen, where you can enjoy a walk along the promenade, check out the shops on the Pier, take a 20-minute ride on the Ferris wheel or go zip lining from the Pier.

If you are in Scheveningen, cross the canal and enter the Scheveningen Woods. This is a park in a medieval forest. The main attraction around here is Madurodam, a model village that consists of replicas of famous Dutch cities and sights. Definitely worth a visit! The northern part of the park has a lake and some memorials of the second World War, while the south is dense with trees. You’ll cross from east to west in about 25 minutes and exit by the World Forum conference centre.

Are you impressed by al the promising art The Hague has to offer? 

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