Business Tours
Business Tours

What do our business tours involve?
The high-end business tours organized by The Hague Events visit several places of interest, related to particular themes. Discover why the Dutch are acknowledged as ‘masters of water’, or be inspired by impressive innovations in horticulture. You are welcome to combine places of interest from different tours and to suggest other attractions. After all, business is business. However, do keep in mind that not all excursions and places of interest can be booked and visited all year round. The Hague Events offers you the best of each season. You might also want to add a cultural supplement to your business tour. You name it, we make it happen.

What can you expect from us?
Organizing a business tour involves a series of stages. During the initial consultation (either in person or by telephone), we will identify and document your requirements. We will establish whether you want to book or adapt one of our proposed business tours, or combine other excursions. After that we will prepare a quotation that meets your needs. At this stage we will address all of your questions, offer you advice and make any changes that may be required. Once all of the changes have been implemented and you have approved the quotation, we will send you a confirmation. A few weeks before the tour we will go through the definitive numbers, the timing of the program and any specific requirements and concerns of you. On the day of the tour we will greet you and your guests and we will supervise the facilitation of the tour. Following the conclusion of the tour we will arrange an evaluation. 

How are transfers arranged?
The Hague Events will arrange transfers and hostesses at your request. Luxury coaches will transport you from one place of interest to another. Our experienced hostesses will greet you and escort you on site. A storyteller can offer an engaging explanation of what you are about to see and create a smooth transition from one excursion to another. 

Where can we stay?
The Hague Events will also be happy to arrange hotels and other accommodation on request. This can be anything. From an overnight stay at a centrally located business hotel, to a longer stay in a luxury apartment. As a full-service agency, The Hague Events will find the perfect venue to finish a full day’s program. From our offices in the enterprising region of The Hague, we offer total solutions that take care of everything so you can focus on business.

What are the costs?
The costs of a business tour depend on various factors. The Hague Events will prepare a specially tailored quotation based on the number of guests, the number of places to be visited, entrance fees, use of coaches, the distances between locations, (hotel) accommodation and catering options.

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