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Business Tours

Organizing business tours is an excellent way of exploring and gaining valuable knowledge and experience of a particular theme, which can be translated into lucrative inspiration for your company. The Hague Events offers a range of business tours that focus on different themes, with the Netherlands serving as a source of inspiration. We are, as a Destination Management Company (DMC) specialized in the organization and logistics of meetings and events for almost two decades now.

Business Tours

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The heart of horticulture

Westland, a region near The Hague, is known for its horticulture. Despite small-scale production, the horticultural expertise in the area has garnered global recognition. The world's most extensive greenhouse-area is home to Flora Holland, the largest flower auction on the planet, and many other innovative horticulture companies. This business tour will take you to see the highlights of this country's innovative horticulture industry. A business trip with a story.

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Duurzame kas-2

Investing in the greenhouse horticulture

Westland, a region near The Hague, is known for it's horticulture. Despite the small-scale production, the horticultural expertise in the area has garnered global recognition. The Netherlands is leading when it comes to the most innovative horticultural techniques and expertise. Do you want to invest in the agricultural sector? A visit to the specialists of Westland will open doors for you!

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Maeslantkering KOP-4

Ambitious Dutch Water Works

A quarter of the land mass of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Yet the Dutch excel at keeping their feet dry, providing an adequate supply of clean drinking water and maintaining an excellent inland waterway system. One of the ways they achieve this is by working with the forces of nature. During this business tour you will be taken to see several innovative water infrastructure systems in the region of The Hague and Westland.

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Dutch innovation at its best

Exploring uncharted territory and thinking outside of the box. The Netherlands has invented many innovations that make horticulture and water management more efficient and sustainable. The ‘Dutch Innovation at its Best’ business tour, which combines unique innovations to this tour with innovations visited by the ‘Ambitious Dutch Waterworks’, ‘Sustainability in the Netherlands’ and ‘The Heart of Horticulture’ tours, will expand your views.

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Business Tour Hollandse Meesters KOP-1

Dutch masters of art

Some of the world's greatest artists come from the Netherlands. The masters of the Golden Age in the 17th century included Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer. Dutch masters of the modern era include Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondrian. During this business tour you will have a chance to admire their creative genius and excesses.

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Zonnepanelen duurzame energie_KOP

Sustainability in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is committed to sustainability. Countless initiatives are emerging throughout the country to reduce fossil fuel consumption, carbon emissions and ecological footprints. Discover how cities can improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption on a massive scale.

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The Hague_Kop_Internationale vrede en recht

International city of Peace and Justice

In its capacity as the international city of peace and justice, The Hague City is home to approximately 160 international government and non-governmental organizations who work to create a more just and peaceful world. This business tour will take you to the Peace Palace and other institutional cornerstones of Holland’s third largest city.

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The royal city of The Hague

The Dutch royal family is known as the House of Orange-Nassau. In their capacity as stadtholders, kings and queens, successive generations have played a central role in the government of the Netherlands since the 15th century. The Hague has served as the residence of the royal family for hundreds of years. During this business tour you will visit old palaces and royal gardens and get a brief taste of what it feels like to lead a regal life.

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Dutch design

Architects such as Hendrik Petrus Berlage, Piet Blom and Rem Koolhaas had an important influence on Dutch urban planning. The latest architectural pride on Dutch soil is the Market Hall in Rotterdam. This business touris an opportunity to become acquainted with different architectural styles in the Netherlands.

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Supplements and cultural tours

The Hague Events ties in with the seasons and offers events and places of interest that complement the various business tours depending on the time of year. The idea is to pick and mix.

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Hotels and longer stays

From an overnight stay at a centrally located business hotel, to a longer stay in a luxury apartment. As a full-service agency, the eventplanners of The Hague Events will find the perfect venue to recover from a full day’s program. From our offices in the enterprising region of The Hague, we offer total solutions that take care of everything so you can focus on business.

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Transfers and hostesses

Multi-day trips, day tours and business transfers. The Hague Events can arrange transport tailored to your requirements and the size of your party for any event or business tour. Comfort and luxury always come first.

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