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A business conference or seminar is not a target itself, it's a way of conveying your message in order to inspire and motivate employees, business associates and stakeholders. The Hague Events is able to assist you with this by organizing all aspects of your event and by helping you plan the content of the program. If you want to organize an event that will increase engagement and commitment, The Hague Events is happy to help you. We are, as Destination Management Company (DMC) specialized in the organization and logistics of meetings and events for almost two decades now.

Want to offload the organization?
Event agency The Hague Events is able to organize all aspects of your seminar or conference from start to finish. Our many years of experience in event organization enable us to contribute ideas, offer advice and attend to everything. We will send out a creative invitation, manage the registration process, find and book the right venue for the event, supervise parking, arrange excellent catering, install appropriate decor in the conference hall, and manage technical systems such as lighting, sound equipment, climate control and presentation tools. We can even collect entrance fees if you wish. The Hague Events is known for its ability to come up with creative concepts that reflect the mission and vision of an organization. This ensures that your corporate identity and core business will shine through in an impressive way. Our tight planning and management will give you maximum freedom to present content that leaves a lasting impression on the attendees. 

What can you expect from us?
Organizing a conference or a seminar involves a series of stages. At our initial meeting we will identify and document your requirements. After that we will prepare a quotation that meets your needs. At this stage we will address all of your questions, offer advice and make any changes that may be required. Once all of the changes have been implemented and you have approved the quotation, we will send you a confirmation. Between then and the day of the event, we will help you determine the content of the program, we will decide on a PR strategy, develop a roadmap for the planning and staging of the event and we will liaise with speakers and suppliers. A few weeks before the conference or seminar we will go through the definitive numbers, the timing of the program and any specific requirements and concerns of you. On the day of the event we will greet you and your guests and we will supervise the course of the event. The stage manager ensures you that everything proceeds in accordance with the roadmap and will be your contact at all times. Following the wrapping up of the conference or seminar we will arrange an evaluation. 

Put together a conference program? 
The Hague Events will be happy to help you plan the perfect program for your conference or seminar. We employ experienced program managers and, through our network, we will confer with the appropriate specialists and devise an approach that makes for a fascinating conference. We will also suggest ideas for workshops, speakers and chairpersons for the day. Together we will create a complete conference program that informs and inspires the attendees. 

Hotel accommodation? Transfers?
The Hague Events offers total solutions. This means that, in addition to organizing your conference or seminar, we can also arrange transfers and hostesses and hotel accommodation on request. 

Interested? Please contact us.

Increase engagement and commitment. Explore. Encounter. Educate.
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Hotels and longer stay

From an overnight stay at a centrally located business hotel, to a longer stay in a luxury apartment. As a full-service agency, The Hague Events will find the perfect venue to recover from a full day’s program. From our offices in the enterprising region of The Hague, we offer total solutions that take care of everything so you can focus on business.


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Transfers en hostesses

Multi-day trips, day tours and business transfers. The Hague Events is able to arrange transport tailored to your requirements and the size of your party, for any event or business tour. Comfort and luxury always come first.

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Corporate Events

A corporate event is not a target on itself, but a way of communicating your business strategy to employees, stakeholders and business associates, so everyone is pulling in the same direction. The Hague Events will ensure you that your corporate identity and core business shine through in an impressive way.

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Promotion-ladies, champagne-ladies and flowergirls; The Hague Events is able to arrange hospitality tailored to your requirements and the size of your conference or business tour. A unique addition to any event.


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Congres - seminars

Conferences & seminars

All aspects of a business conference or seminar revolve around the delivery of a message. That is why The Hague Events makes the content of your conference the primary consideration. We identify a suitable venue, transform it into an inspiring conference centre and ensure that everything runs smoothly. We are also able to design the content of the program on request.

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Business Tours

Organizing business tours is an excellent way of exploring and gaining valuable knowledge and experience of a particular theme, which can be translated into lucrative inspiration for your company. The Hague Events offers a range of business tours that focus on different themes, with the Netherlands serving as a source of inspiration.

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