Hospitality The Hague

Promotion-ladies, champagne-ladies and flowergirls; The Hague Events is able to arrange hospitality tailored to your requirements and the size of your conference or business tour. A unique addition to any event.

Depending on the size of your party, The Hague Events will arrange a suitable arrangement of hospitality and entertainment. Experienced hostesses will be happy to guide your guests on request; professional dancers will take any act to the next level, and champagne-, flower-, or candygirls will be the eyecatcher at your event.

These are a just few of our possibilities when it comes to making your event a unique experience. If you have a special theme or wish, we will be happy to discuss all of our options with you.

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Congres - seminars

Conferences & seminars

All aspects of a business conference or seminar revolve around the delivery of a message. That is why The Hague Events makes the content of your conference the primary consideration. We identify a suitable venue, transform it into an inspiring conference centre and ensure that everything runs smoothly. We are also able to design the content of the program on request.

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Corporate Events

A corporate event is not a target on itself, but a way of communicating your business strategy to employees, stakeholders and business associates, so everyone is pulling in the same direction. The Hague Events will ensure you that your corporate identity and core business shine through in an impressive way.

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Business Tour vervoer-1

Business Tours

Organizing business tours is an excellent way of exploring and gaining valuable knowledge and experience of a particular theme, which can be translated into lucrative inspiration for your company. The Hague Events offers a range of business tours that focus on different themes, with the Netherlands serving as a source of inspiration.

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