100 years anniversary Innovative Grower Westland

For over 100 years, the family business of Kuivenhoven Poeldijk Westland is located on the same spot. That is quite an achievement. All the more reason to celebrate this anniversary. The event planners of The Hague events took care of the complete organization of this event, including a corporate event, a theme-party, a corporate movie in honor of the anniversary and all the communication around these events.    

100 years on the same spot, a milestone which the family Kuivenhoven must be very proud of. With proud we look back on the 'Friends of Kuivenhoven Live', celebrated in their own industrial hall, which was completely decorated based on the theme. The Hague Events also built a typical Dutch café in a tent.   

 The Hague Events was asked to come up with a creative concept around the organization of the anniversary, which took place at the own venue of the company. From the complete invitationprocess, to the decoration of the venue, everything was based on the theme. 

On the outdoor area, we placed a large tent which we transformed into a typical Dutch Café. The guests were totally surprised when they heard that they were actually standing in a tent. Through a walkway with large images of the past 10 decades, including attributes from those periodes, the guests arrived in the café. At a certain moment the doors went open and the guests found out that there was another room. A very large party area where eventually the event took place. 

On Thursday there was a reception for corporate relations. There were also some political officials who did a speech. This was also the opportunity to show the corporate movie, which The Hague Events made in honor of the anniversary. 

On Saturday family, friends and other private relations were given the opportunity to celebrate during a unique party, 'Friends of Kuivenhoven Live'. The Hague Events took care of the entertainment acts, catering, decoration, concepting, storytelling, communication and hospitality.