75 years anniversary Erasmus Catering

With 'The sky is the limit' as theme, we showed that Erasmus Catering is performing high in the world of caterers for 75 years already. They are proof that creativity goes hand in hand with endless possibilities. For three-quarter century it is a fact that Erasmus Catering Services is thé caterer of Rijnmond region. 

The festive evening started with a performance of a violinist, supported by lounge music. In the meantime, the guests enjoyed some luxury snacks, followed by the sitting dinner dance. After all the guests took place at their table, they were welcomed through a welcome speech. After the speech the jubilee film was shown and closed with a sensational acrobatics show as jubilee act. 

During the dinner the guests enjoyed spectacular entertainment, among with a show orchestra and a performance of 3 true soul sisters. 

The atmosphere and the theme 'The sky is the limit' were one of the priorities during the event, so that is practiced through the whole institution. Everything was adjusted to one another, what made provision for a wonderful, stylish location.