Thai delegation visited the heart of the horticulture

A delegation of a university from Bangkok visited a diversity of precursors in the agraric sector on the 10th and 11th of October. They combined this Tour with a visit to the Food Valley Expo 2016 in Arnhem, that took place in the same week. 

Three highlights in the agraric sector
Day one of the 'Heart of Horticulture'- tour was all about tomato cultivation. First of all a visit was paid to an innovative tomato grower in Naaldwijk. The group got a theoretic explanation and a practical insight in the processes that take place in there. After a well deserved lunch on culinary level in Poeldijk, the Tour was resumed at Tomatoworld in Honselersdijk, where the complete production process of tomatoes was explained. The day has been finished at a grapegrower from Den Hoorn. The delegation found that the visit to the grapegrower was the highlight of the tour. The interest was at a high level and they didn't stop asking questions.

Peppers & Phalaenopsis
Day two of the 'Heart of Horticulture'- tour started at a pepper grower in Honselersdijk. Inside this company the guests also got provided with a theoretical explanation, followed by an insight in the processes. After this visit, Demonstration Greenhouse Westland was planned. Through this tour was showed what is needed to build a greenhouse from A to Z. The delegation was visibly impressed. After a delicous lunch in Naaldwijk, it was time for the very last visit of the Tour: a phalaenopsis grower in Wateringen. This was also a highlight and the interest was, even after two busy days, still there. After two days of viewing the heart of the horticulture, the delegation left contently to their stay.