Valediction of the CEO of Rotterdam The Hague Airport

After months of preparation, The Hague Events had the honor to organize the valediction of the CEO of Rotterdam Airport.

For thirty years, the CEO was working at the airport. The hangar was a unique and appropriate venue for this event. 

The build-up started two days prior to the event. The hangar was transformed into a stylish venue. At request, The Hague Events devised a concept where a diversity of aspects reinforced one another. One thing was for sure: it had to be stylish and chic. Around the venue three air planes were positioned as real eye catchers! 

At the reception there was a valediction for guests from business and the government, among with the major of Rotterdam and two former ministers. The musical entertainment was provided by a combination of The Hague Residence Orchestra and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. A cabaret trio performed a personal valediction song for the CEO. 

In the evening there was a party for employees, who thanked their CEO in various original ways. Between the speakers and films the musical entertainment is provided by a DJ, a saxophonist and a spectacular cover band. 

The Hague Events is very proud of the final result, from empty hangar to a wonderful venue!